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400 Class Pintle Chain is usually a light-weight, moderately priced chain capable of han-dling regular loads at slow or intermediate speeds. It is actually proportionately cast for balance, strength and prolonged, ef?cient services, and it is offered in riveted or cottered construction. The head of each pin is notched to ?t the sidebar locking lug which keeps the pin from rotating once the chain is in use. Closed bearing building makes 400 Class Pin-tle Chain practical in conveying moderately gritty and abrasive supplies.
Manufactured in Promal, with a ten-sile strength vary from seven,800 to 28,600 pounds, 400 Class Pintle Chain is very carefully cored for pitch accuracy with smooth bearing sur-faces that lower ?¡ãbreak-in?¡À wear triggering pitch elongation.
400 Class Pintle Chain is available in the pitch choice of 1.375 to 3.075 inches with a finish as-sortment of cast iron or fabricated steel steel sprockets.
A sizable assortment of attachments are available to manage a wide range of applications. Types A and G attachments are presented in ideal and left hand back links.
As a drive chain, 400 Class Pintle is intended to travel while in the course of the barrel finish in the back links; as an elevating or conveying chain, its direction of travel must be towards the open ends with the backlinks.
All 400 Class Pintle Chain is manu-factured according to manufacturer?¡¥s requirements and is entirely interchangeable with other manufac-turers?¡¥ chain.
NOTE: ?¡ãR?¡À and ?¡ãL?¡À suf?xes in Attachment Letters designate proper hand and left hand attachments.
MÄRKUS. Manuskirjade tähised? ¡ÃR? ¡À ja? ¡ÃL? ¡À suf? Tähistavad parema ja vasaku käe manuseid.