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Põllutöömasinate hüdrauliline käigukast, ussiga käigukast, planeetkäigukast, kaldus käigukast, käigukast Spur, põllumajanduslik käigukast
Description of Aluminium Drive Gearbox:
Ülekande paigutus: kaldus / mitra
Väljundmoment: 200-300 Nm
Nimivõimsus: 40 hj
Sisendkiirus: 540 p / min
Väljundkiirus: 540 p / min
Size: 337*295*143 mm as per customer request
Suhe: 1: 1
Kaal: 14.3kg
Määrige õli maht: 0.8 L
Insight pöördemoment Nm: 520 Nm
Korpus / ümbrise materjal: alumiinium
Hammasratta/ võra materjal: 8620 teras/ 20CrMnTi/ süsinikteras
Kasutamine: põllumajandusmasinad
For Aluminium Drive Gearbox, the boxes are cast precisely by high steel materials and processed at pricessing center;the gears are constructed with high-quality alloy steel, are treated with surface hardening and gear ground; and the main element parts are imported. The whole geared motors are little in quantity, with great load-carrying capability,steady running, low noise and high performance. Our gearboxes have reached the advance worldwide level, can replace the same kind of products imported.
Ever-Power Industry Pte Ltd., a young, dynamic, flexible organization, põllumajandustehnika käigukast specializes in making all sorts of mechanical transmission products and hydraulic transmission products, such as planetary gearboxes, worm reducers, in-line helical gear rate reducers, parallel shaft helical equipment reducers, helical bevel reducers, helical worm equipment reducers, agricultural gearboxes, tractor gearboxes, auto gearboxes, PTO shafts, unique reducer & related gear elements and other related products, hydraulic cylinder, gear pumps and so forth. Furthermore, we can produce customized variators, geared motors, electrical motors and various other hydraulic items according to clients’ drawings.
We’ve exported our items to customers across the world and earned a good reputation because priority for Ever-Power Industry Pte. Ltd can be quality, not only product quality but also the standard of provider offered to the client. To this purpose, frequent inspections are completed to guarantee that all production batches comply with the strictest requirements. Quality, reliability and inspections are distinguishing features of Ever power’s functioning procedures aimed at offering the customer the perfect products on the market. The materials and products use pass all of the lab tests laid down by the most recent international specifications, such as UNI EN ISO 9001.
With current 1500 workers and CNC turning devices and CNC work centers, we continue to make huge investments in technology to support future product quality. Clients from both home and abroad are welcomed to contact us to negotiate business and cooperate around.
Lisateabe saamiseks vaadake meie tootekataloogi ja masinate loendeid.

Käigukasti materjalid
1. Korpus: survevalualumiiniumisulam (korpuse suurus: 025-090); malm (korpuse suurus: 110-150)
2. Shaft: 20Cr, carbonize and quencher heat therapy make the hardness of gear tooth surface up to 56-62 HRC, retain carburization layer’s thickness between 0.3-0.5mm after precise grinding
3. Ussiratas: kantav pronksisulam
Alumiiniumisulamist korpuse jaoks:
1. Shot blasting and particular antiseptic treatment on the light weight aluminum alloy surface
2. Pärast fosfateerimist värvige sinise või viiluga.
Malmist korpuse jaoks:
Enne sinise või viiluga värvimist vajate esmalt värvi, millel on punakas roostevastane valu.