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Due to their style and from being combined with a helical gear stage, the helical-worm gearmotors S..DR.. have especially high efficiency. Also, they are extremely low-noise and therefore avoid high noise emission levels.
Low-noise continuous operation: equipment unit combination optimized regarding efficiency
Do you expect a drive answer to impress you using its high level of functionality and efficiency? In that case, we’d recommend our high-quality helical-worm gearmotors EP to you. These could be implemented individually in the modular program. In this way, they offer you an enormous range of sizes, gear ratios and electric motor sizes.
However, their greatest strength is their running smoothness and their incredibly low noise development. One thing is certain – With the helical-worm gearmotors EP you are choosing a powerful drive solution that you will hardly also hear.
The overall concept also offers you many more practical product characteristics and benefits. Included in these are the significantly higher efficiency of the helical-worm combinations instead of single helical-worm gear models. This is one way you save additional energy in the operation of your systems and are able to noticeably reduce ongoing working costs.
You will receive the low-noise helical-worm gearmotors EP. – to suit your person requirements – with a wide range of AC motors. Furthermore, you can freely configure all the relevant properties. In this manner, you can effectively utilize all the benefits offered by this combination of low-noise helical-worm equipment unit and performance-optimized engine. Even greater variance may be accomplished thanks to the optional flange or foot-mounted style and by choosing between solid and hollow shaft.
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By opting for one of our gearmotors, you are already saving money and time with this selection and task planning. The reason being our modular system enables a multitude of combination options for gear models and motors. You can consequently reduce operating costs, count on a long service life and reap the benefits of simplified maintenance that is feature of our brand.
Helical-worm combinations with significantly better efficiency than one helical-worm gear units
Väga madala müratasemega töö
Saadaolevad variandid:
Jalale või äärikule paigaldatud
B5 või B14 äärikuga
Tahke või õõnes võll
Õõnesvõll võtmega ühendusega, kokkutõmbumiskettaga, õõnesvõlliga või Ever-Power
Lisateavet seeria EP tigureduktori kohta
Vahelduvvoolu mootorid
Combine the helical-worm gear unit with our AC motors:
Quiet and reliable transmission of torque
Suur ülekoormusvõime
Hardened steel worm equipment and bronze alloy worm wheel provide exceptional strength and lengthy service life.
Valikulised raskeveokite laagrid tagavad suure radiaalse ja aksiaalse kandevõime
High strength cast iron housing (SK02050 – SK43125)
Kerge, korrosioonikindel alumiiniumsulamist korpus (SK02040.1)
Rakenduspõhised lahendused
Materjalide käitlemine
Täis- ja õõnesvõll (võtmega, kokkutõmbuv ketas) Kujundused
Available in footed, shaft mount or flange mounted configurations
Täisnurksed reduktorid
Teie eelised
Ökonoomne toimimine
Madal müra
Suured lubatud koormused
S-seeria tigukäigukastiga käigukast
Ever-Power helical-worm gear devices are helical/helical-worm combinations, so they are better than normal helical-worm gear units. Due to their outstanding efficiency, these drives can be utilized in every industrial sector and customized to individual torque and velocity requirements. The decrease ratios afforded by the helical-worm gear stage and the low noise levels during operation make these gearmotors ideal low-cost solutions for basic applications.
Saadaolevad versioonid:
Jalale või äärikule paigaldatud
B5 või B14 äärikule paigaldatud
Tahke või õõnes võll
Õõnes võll võtmega ühendusega, kokkutõmbeketas, haruline õõnesvõll
Spiraalsed tiguülekandega mootorid
Karm, kompaktne, pilkupüüdev!
Due to the unique combination of optimized worm wheel material with unique lubricants, optimized form, this powerful electric motor achieves high levels of performance and torque. The casing machined on all sides allows diverse mounting options. Double chamber shaft seals are used as standard.
The low contour design helps it be ideal for implementing applications e.g. in the food industry. The housing has no recesses, which simplifies cleaning – a particularly important feature for areas with stringent hygiene requirements.
Tehnilised andmed
Suuruste arv: 6
Võimsusvahemik: 0.12 - 7.5 kW
Väljundmomendi vahemik: 50 - 1,300 Nm
Suhe: 3 - 3,400
Output option:output shaft, output shaft on both sides, hollow shaft, hollow shaft with shrink disc
Kokkupanek/paigaldamine: uniblock, äärik, pöördemomendi õlg, jalg
Class 12 Helical and hardened and ground worm gears: Provides higher efficiencies and better torque capacity in smaller sizes.
Multiple Input Options: Essential gear motors, in . or spiraalne ussikäigumootor metric shafts, NEMA, IEC, and servo adapters provide unmatched drive versatility.
Multiple Output Choices: Hollow bores and shrink disks for shaft installation, inch and metric output shafts, mounting pilots and flanges offer a wide selection of design solutions.
UNIBLOCK Housing: For maximum rigidity universal mounting on five sides or with a torque arm.
Sealed for Washdown: Will keep contaminants and water away.
Worldwide Engine: Multiple leads and windings for globally multi volt/Hz requirements plus modular design to accept brakes, encoders or pressured cooling.
EP gear motors are economical, right-angle, worm-geared motors that install easily in the tightest applications. Economical correct position worm geared motors arranged new specifications for reliability, performance and economy with unparalleled features including hollow shafts in the tiniest sizes. An inverter friendly design provides for easy integration today and a truly future proof solution. The EP gear engine offers total flexibility in mounting choices includes shaft, base, face, and flange solutions. The engine terminal box could be mounted in alternate positions rotated in 90º steps around the engine frame offering for unparalleled integration opportunities.
EP gear motors adhere to North American and International specifications, including NEMA, IEC, CSA, and CE, the EP series allows for worldwide acceptance, a true total alternative for our global customers.
Superior protection of IP65 acc. to IEC 529 assures you that the EP series can be dust tight and hose evidence,and can be used outside or in wet and dusty environments without the usage of additional enclosures. Full rated output is offered by the output shaft of the unit.
Toote omadused
Võimsus kuni 5,5 kW.
Pöördemoment 25… 1.000 Nm
Väljundkiirused 0,2… 300 min-1
mitmekülgsed paigaldusvõimalused
Täielikult suletud, tolmu- ja veepritsmete eest suletud
Lubrication change initial after 15000 hrs
Madal müratase
Toitevõrguühendus 110… 690V, 50 / 60Hz
Korpus IP65 (tavaline), IP66 (valikuline)
Connection Regular with CAGE CLAMP®
Ühendamine Connect-pistikutega.
Integreeritud inverteriga kuni 7,5kW.
CSA, UL, ATEX, GOST, CCC, ISO9001, ISO14001, OHSAS18001
Mootorid vastavalt standardile EN 60034
Korrosioonikategooria põhineb standardil DIN ISO 12944-5
C1, C2, C3, C4, C5-Meie, C5-M
Due to the unique mixture of optimized worm wheel materials with particular lubricants and optimized form, this powerful geared electric motor achieves high degrees of efficiency and torque. The reduced contour design makes it suitable for implementing applications electronic.g. in the meals industry. The housing has no recesses, which simplifies cleaning – an especially important feature for areas with stringent hygiene requirements.
Nimipöördemoment: 50 – 1300 Nm
Nimivõimsus: 0.12 – 7.5 kW
Suhe: 3 - 3400
The 800BR contains a broad selection of compact, heavy duty helical gear drives with extended life performance features and simplified maintenance. The usage of state of the art helical and worm gear combinations affords optimum performance fulfilling a wide variety of ratio requirements. The 800 BR is certainly functionally interchangeable with the majority of major manufacturer’s drives.
Kahe- ja kolmekordne vähendamise suhe vahemikus 8:1 kuni 900:1,
4 korpuse suurust – 830, 840, 850, 860
All devices shipped pre-lubed for your unique mounting position with KluberSYNTH UH1 6-460
Obtainable in NEMA C-face flanged and immediate input
Projitseeritavad ja õõnesvõllid
Saadaval lisavarustus
Väljundääriku komplektid
Pöördemomendi käepideme komplektid
Väljundvõlli komplektid
Toote omadused
Saadaval mittetoksilise valge (BK) ja roostevaba epoksüviimistlusega (SBK)
Obtainable in hollow or projecting output shafts
Kahe- ja kolmekordne reduktsiooniaste
Äärikuga või jalaga kinnitatud
All models adaptable to floor, sidewall or ceiling mounting
Spiraalne tiguülekandega mootor
0,12 - 5,5 kW
4 – 996 Nm / 6 – 316 rpm
Stober MGS S spiraalne tiguülekandega mootor
Efficient compact right-angle geared engine. A favorably priced choice for the standard tasks expected of a right-angle drive.
5 hammasratta suurust (S0 kuni S4).
Mootori võimsus 0.12 kuni 5.5 kW.
Nimipöördemoment 23 kuni 800 Nm.
Ülekandearvud from we = 6 to 680.
Tagasilöök väiksem kui 20 kaareminutit.
Modulaarne, väändejäik, lekkekindel disain.
Helical worm geared motors offered with:
Täisvõll võtmeavaga.
Kiilusoonega õõnesvõll, valikuline kattega.
Kahaneva kettaga õõnesvõll, valikuline kattega.
Gear unit and AC engine are directly flange mounted, the pinion is on the motor shaft. This integrated small design can be an essential element for the high accuracy and the incredible stiffness of EP geared motors.
For vector-controlled inverter procedure usage of an incremental encoder is provided for as standard.
Tigukäigukastid ja spiraalsed tigukäigukastid / reduktormootorid (S ja SS)
The amount of efficiency in Ever-Power powerful worm gearboxes and helical worm gearboxes is more than 90%. All worm shafts are manufactured from case hardened alloy metal and the flanks are precision surface. The worm wheels are made from particular wear-resistant bronze. Helical worm gears are equipped with a helical equipment. Worm gears with shrink disc, torque limiter, and also adjustable backlash styles are also part of our standard product range.
Worm gearboxes and helical worm gearboxes type S and SS are high-Performance gearboxes in universal style. The housings are made from high quality cast iron. The rugget wall space and inner ribbing ensure extremely torsional stiff and noise dampening housings. The external ripping offers a rapid heat conducting.
Tüüp S ja SS
Tehnilised omadused:
Optimeeritud suuruse ja jõudluse suhe
Designed for permanent procedure under rough circumstances
Üle keskmise eluiga
Korpus on valmistatud kvaliteetsest hallmalmist vastupidavate seinte ja sisemise soonikuga
Severe torsional resistance and low noise
Karastatud tiguvõllid ja täppislihvitud külgedega ussid
Worm wheels created from unique bronze
Suurepärane sujuv töö
Ruumisäästlik nurkajam
Helical worm gearboxes equipped with helical gear wheel
Madalad mootori pöörded
Basic mounting, flange installation or universal design
Output shaft available as solid shaft or hollow shaft
Shrink disc, torque limiter,and also adjustable backlash
Teine võlli ots kodeerijate või pidurite paigaldamiseks
NEMA versioon
Vaba sisendvõll
ATEX spetsifikatsioon vastavalt direktiivile 94/9/EG