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Ühefaasilised asünkroonmootorid
The single-phase electric motor operates beneath the same principle as the polyphase electric motor, except that the rotating magnetic field effect produced by the stator will not exist until running rpm is reached. Since no beginning torque is obtainable, a design system is included to start the motor. They are the various designations:

Erinevate ühefaasiliste asünkroonmootorite pöördemomendi ja kiiruse kõverad

Shaded-pole: Have only 1 main winding no begin winding. This configuration causes a change of the used magnetic field in relationship to the rotor, creating stating torque. Applications consist of followers and small appliances.

Jagatud faas (induktsioonkäivitusmootor)
Has two pieces of stator windings. The “start” ketiratas mähised asetsevad 90 kraadi "töötavate" mähiste suhtes ja nihutavad staatori magnetvälja, kutsudes esile algpöördemomendi. Rakenduste hulka kuuluvad väikesed veskid, väikesed ventilaatorid ja puhurid.

The most common single-phase motor found in industrial applications. It really is a altered split-phase electric motor with a capacitor in series with the start winding to provide a start boost. App include small conveyors, huge blowers, pumps, and direct-drives.

Püsikomponent (PSC)
Uses identical primary and auxiliary windings with a capacitor to supply starting torque. They will be the most reliable single-phase motor because no centrifugal beginning switch is necessary. Applications include supporters and pumps in HVAC and refrigeration industries.