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Ketiratta asendaja ajastus

In case the engagement between chain and sprockets gets defective or any component that causes excessive decline from the strength of your chain occurs, substitute the whole chain. When any of your following conditions arise in the chain you use, change the entire chain to keep security.
Whenever a chain is worn near to the “Elongation restrict of chain” .
?When a flaw or crack happens within a plate.
?Kui avastatakse rulli viga või pragu või defektne pöörlemine.
?When a chain website link is stiff.
?Whenever a pin has become rotated.
?Whenever a pin is bent or otherwise deformed or when a plate is critically warped.
?When rust buildup prevents smooth bending in the chain.
?Kui ladestub lahjendatud väävelhape või mõni muu söövitav materjal.
When you cannot judge no matter if a flaw is “harmful”, please talk to us.
Replacement of sprockets and how to buy
The daily life of sprockets is generally numerous instances the life of a chain, but when the teeth are worn simply because of inadequate lubrication or damaged mainly because of a shock load, and so forth., the sprockets needs to be replaced.
?When putting an order, please specify the next when the chain No. is regarded.
1. Chain No. and quantity of strands
2. ketirataste tüüp
3. Shaft hole diameter (d) (This is certainly not necessary in the event you drill this hole; in this case, drill a hole not exceeding the maximum shaft hole diameter.)
neli. Hammaste arv
five. Hub diameter (DH) and length (L) (within the case of non-standard sprockets)
kuus. Kas hambapead on karastatud
Specify the following things, in case the chain No. is unknown
1. Hamba paksus (T)
2. Root diameter (DB) (Caliper diameter (DC) during the situation of odd-number teeth)