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A toothed belt; timing belt; cogged belt; cog belt; or synchronous belt is certainly a versatile belt with tooth moulded onto its inner surface. It really is designed to stepped on matching toothed pulleys or sprockets . Toothed belts are found in a wide array of in mechanical devices, where high-power transmission is desired.
Toothed belts are used widely in mechanical products, which includes sewing machines ,photocopiers and many others. A major use of toothed belts is as the timing belt used to drive the camshafts in a automobile or motorcycle engine.
As toothed belts may deliver more power when compared to a friction-drive belt, they are used for high-power transmissions. These include the primary drive of some motorcycles , notably later on Harley-Davidsons ;and the supercharger used for dragsters .
Microlight aircraft driven by high-speed two-stroke engines like the Rotax 532 make use of toothed belt decrease drives to allow the use of a quieter and better slower-rate propeller. Some amateur-built airplanes run by automotive engines use cog belt reduction drive units.
Hammas plokk has some tooth whereas a set belt pulley does not have any teeth.

The tooth pulley can be used when accurate transmission of the torque is necessary. Flat belt pulleys or V-belt pulleys cannot deliver 100% accurate tranny of the torque because there’s always some (very little – but nonetheless) slipping between your pulley and belt.


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Unikaalseid raskesti töödeldavaid disainilahendusi võib leida tellimustööna.
We offer a wide line-up, including Fit Fores and keyless locking gadget types
Materials such as for example sintering, die cast, and plastic also available. Get in touch with a Tsubaki representative to find out more.

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Pulleys that can be used for JIS, ISO, and DIN standard tooth profiles and particular tooth profiles (AT/RPP)
N Type Lock Pulleys could be locked very easily with an individual nut.

Shaft diameters available from 7mm. Perfect for small shaft locking.
Lock pulleys could be fixed at a specific shaft or phasing position temporarily by manually locking the nut and stopping the rotation of the pulley body.

Seejärel keeratakse mutter pöördemomendivõtmega kindlaksmääratud lukustusmomendini, et see oma kohale lukustuks.
Hammasrihma hammasrihmaratas, tööstuslikuks
Owing to the opulent acquaintance, all of us are proficient in providing Timing Belt Toothed Idler Pulley. In addition, our range is checked on varied market standards to help make the sure longer life.

GT2 hammasratas, GT2 alumiiniumist hammasratas 60 hammast 60T auk 5mm 3D-printerile
Selle toon on lühike, ühtlasem ülekanne.
Tagab parema sileduse ja paigutuse täpsuse, tagades parema prindikvaliteedi.
The GT2 pulley with 60 teeth or grooves is among the best selections for building 3D printers.
Compared to the T2.5 distribution pulley, GT2 tooth profile is usually anti-play.
Made of top quality aluminum, precision processing, durable use.
Toote kirjeldus
Tehnilised andmed:
Materjal: alumiinium
Mudel: 2GT (GT2)
Synchronous wheel suurus:
Hammaste arv: 60
Hammaste samm: 2 mm / 0.079 tolli.
Siseava läbimõõt: 5 mm / 0.20 tolli.
Hamba laius: 9 mm / 0.35 tolli.
Rihma laius: 6 mm / 0.24 tolli.
Screw size: 3 mm / 0.12 ins in diameter and 5 mm / 0.20 inches in length.
Peamine suurus: 46 x 17 mm / 1.81 x 0.67 tolli.
Sobib: 3D -printerile

Pakett sisaldab:
1 x GT2 hammasrihma rihmaratas
1 x mutrivõti
2 x Kruvid
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Backed by a team of adroit professionals, we are manufacturing an extensive gamut of Toothed Pulley.
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GT2 pingutusrulli hammasratas 16/20 hammasratta ava 3/5 mm alumiiniumist varustuse hammaste laius 6/10 mm 3D-printerite osad osade taastamiseks
Pane tähele:
meil on 10 tüüpi rihmarattaid;
1. 16-hammaste laius 6mm auk 3mm
2. 16-hammaste laius 6 mm, 3 mm hammasteta auk
3. 20-hammaste laius 6mm auk 3mm
4. 20-hammaste laius 6 mm, 3 mm hammasteta auk
5. 20-hammaste laius 6mm auk 4mm
6. 20-hammaste laius 6 mm, 4 mm hammasteta auk
7. 20-hammaste laius 6mm auk 5mm
8. 20-hammaste laius 6 mm, 5 mm hammasteta auk
9. 20-hammaste laius 10mm auk 5mm
10. 20-hammaste laius 10 mm, 5 mm hammasteta auk

please make sure what’s type of your decision, verify it again when you pay out it,
(T: hambad W: laius B: auk)

1 tk x ratta rihmaratas